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We are an innovative company specializing in high-quality media technology and smart home solutions in the Munich area. Our spectrum includes all steps from conceptualising, planning, installing, to service, so you receive a comprehensive solution from one provider.

Price List

Leistung Preis
Erstberatung, Angebotserstellung     kostenlos
Geräte, Installationsmaterial marktüblich nach Angebot
Anfahrtskosten Arbeitszeit
Installation (Monteur) 60 €/h
Konfiguration, Programmierung 80 €/h
Planung, Projektierung 80 €/h
Beratung Smarthome (B2B) 1.600 € Tagessatz
All prices shown without VAT.

We are happy to draft a customary offer for your project.
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Excerpt public and business customers

The following list presents an excerpt of our projects:

Conference and media technology projects:
  • Maintenance and service contract regarding a video installation with over 100 displays
  • Installing a Full-HD video conference system (TelePresence)
  • Media equipment for several conference rooms of an IT consulting firm
  • ClickShare installation in a multi-purpose room
  • Media technology installations in a Munich office complex: furnishing of 12 conference rooms with 65 "displays, WUXGA projectors, and video conference systems
  • Installation in a prestigious Art Nouveau building in Schwabing, Munich
  • Conference room technology for an IT consulting firm
  • Maintenance and service contract for an elaborate media installation in the center of Munich
  • Conceptual design and installation of an interactive media system
  • Conference room installation with wireless audio and video transmission
  • Media technology concept and installation in a listed monastery building
  • Furnishing of several conference rooms with 82 " and 65" displays, video conference system, audio system, media control, and signal transmission
  • Media technology installation in a multi-functional room: networking of multiple rooms via multimedia crossbar
  • Media technology installation with a high-performance projector
  • ClickShare installation, including service and customized design
  • Installation of a Full HD laser projector in a Munich conference room
  • Media technology upgrade at a car dealer's: replacement of a projector with a high-performance laser projector and modification of signal management using HDBaseT transmission
  • Rear projection using a high-performance laser projector in an event hall holding up to 1.500 people
  • Installation of two 98'' UHD displays (Samsung QM98F) in the offices of a software company
  • Installation of a 80'' Sharp display in a Munich office (Lehel district)
  • Installation of an 8000 lumen laser projector, Bose Sound, and ClickShare in an innovation center
  • Installation of a 6000 lumen laser HD projector and Bose Sound in a public institution
  • Conceptualisation of media technology equipment in a research institute (project volume: 400.000 Euros)
  • Installation and configuration of a cloud-based video conference system (Skype for Business) in a lecture hall
  • Installation and configuration of a video conference system (Skype for Business) for a consulting firm
  • Installation of a mobile multi-media system with video conference feature
  • Media technology equipment (displays, projectors, signal management, etc.) in the new office space of an IT firm
Smart Home projects:
  • Smart home and home cinema installation in a luxurious penthouse
  • HD big screen in the fitness and pool area of a mansion near Munich
  • Home cinema installation in duplex apartment near Munich
  • Home cinema installation in residential building near Nördlingen
  • Smart home and video surveillance installation in a mansion near Munich
  • Installation in a prestigious Art Nouveau building in Schwabing, Munich
  • Smart home retrofitting in an apartment in Munich
  • Information and communication technology in a 1.000m² mansion
  • Smart home planning for a penthouse apartment
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