ClickShare CSC-1

ClickShare CSC-1

ClickShare CSC-1

Wireless audio and video transmission for conference rooms via WLAN.


AirPlay conference room, click share, radio signal transmission, wireless Präsentationssytem

product Description


The ClickShare Barco system combines PC, notebook, tablet and smartphone wirelessly with the video equipment of the conference room. The radio transmission is based on an encrypted wireless system which does not have to be integrated into the corporate network. The application requires no software installation and administration rights.
"This will be able to offer your guests a reliable and user-friendly presentation system."
The special USB buttons serve which combine with the receiving unit (base station) as a transmitter. At the presentation of the tablet or smartphone-Fi network of the base station is controlled directly.

Compatible with:
  • Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 64 bit
  • MacOSX 10.10 / 10:11
  • Android 4.1+ (ClickShare app)
  • iOS 5.0+ (ClickShare app)
Technische Daten CSC-1
Video-Ausgang DP, DVI-I, VGA
1. DVI & DP
2.DP & VGA
Video-Auflösung DVI WUXGA (1920×1600)
Panoramaformat (2560×1080)
Display Mode DUAL
Geräuschpegel Max 28dBA
Anzahl Quellen 4
Anzahl Buttons 64
Further information:
The buttons (transmitters) are individually reordered and can be printed individually.

We support you on the spot:
If you are not in our range, we will ship the ClickShare systems and support you in device via remote support. The systems are shipped with the latest software. We are happy to adapt the ClickShare system also to your corporate identity.
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