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    Installing projectors and displays

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    Networking of Media Technology

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    Technical equipment of conference rooms


Conference Room Technology

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Technical furnishing of conference and meeting rooms
  • Installation of displays/TVs or projectors, audio systems, signal transmission (cable/wireless)
  • Complete media technology equipment for conference rooms in new/old buildings or after renovations
  • Integration of video conference or telepresence systems
  • Networking technology in the conference room
  • Networking several conference rooms with one another

Our range of services includes all steps from conceptualisation and planning to installation and servicing. We are happy to create an individual concept from small systems (from € 2,000) to complex integrations.
Display and TV
Foto eines Samsung Monitors
For small to medium-sized rooms we recommend the use of displays. In contrast to the projector you here is not dependent on the darkening of the room and there is no noise from fans. Further, the display devices are virtually maintenance-free - so it must be replaced no lamp etc.. The difference of display and TV is that displays are specially designed for professional use. For displays more emphasis on reliable operation with few high-quality features and long maturities. Furthermore, the displays are optimized for the display of still and moving images and have a variety of connection and control options which is especially important in the technical media networking. Ordinary TVs, in contrast to the displays many, not designed for reliability, but functions and lower duration approvals are considerably cheaper than the professional displays. This comes about because of other components (panel, control electronics, etc.) are used. Displays and TVs are currently available in sizes ranging from 30 "-98" inch.
Signal transmission cable
Foto von Signalübertragung im Konferenzraum
In order for the displaying devices (displays, projectors) to be provided with content, they must connect to the playback device (notebook, video conference, etc.). For this purpose, there are basically two options - either wirelessly or wired. The solution involving cable is particularly suitable for high reliability and high-resolution display of videos. However, if the cable pathbetween the playback device and the projector/display is longer than 10m, the signals usually reach their destination in poor quality - they cause downtime or distortions. In this case, the signal (in most cases HDMI) must be transmitted via a signal transducer. It is thus possible, to send signals over distances of 100m without compression (without delay). Through the use of multimedia distributors/crossbars, different input sources can be connected to a display device.
media control
Foto von Crestron Touchpanel
If several devices are assembled into a complete system, a central media control, which can be programmed individually, is essential. This way, certain features and scenarios can be applied particularly simply. For example, a click on the touch panel is sufficient to start the scenario video conference: Here, the video equipment (projector/display) is booted in the background and switched to the respective input. The audio system's volume increases and the videoconfere system pans the camera to the conference table. For this system, we create the touchpanel interface with your corporate design, taking into account a maximum of user experience.
Digital Space Management
Foto einer digitalen Raumbeschilderung
If there are several conference rooms in a company, the usage of room management systems is appropriate. All bookings are recorded centrally and thus duplications are avoided. A small display, mounted in front of the conference room, shows the participants and the duration at the time of a meeting. Thus, it is easier for employees to find the right meeting room without disturbing participants.
Foto eines Sony Laser Projektors
For large conference or training rooms, the use of projectors makes sense because large image areas are required which can not yet be achieved with displays. A precise plan of positioning and selection of the projector and screen is of particular importance so that an optimal reproduction image can be displayed. The choice of projectors is very large, ranging from € 500 up to 20,000 €. Especially in use at meetings and training sessions, it is important that the operating noise is not disturbing and graphics / drawings can be good again against. Here, professional devices recommend (from 2,000 €) with high resolution (HD, WUXGA, 4K), low operating noise and high light output (from 4,000 lumens). Through the use of laser light sources and projectors are virtually maintenance free (20,000 hours) and have a continuous, regardless of the lamp life, bright and sharp image reproduction.
Signal transmission Radio
Foto von ClickShare CSE-200
Through the use of Wi-Fi technology, it is possible to send audio and video signals wirelessly. This solution is particularly suitable if a direct wiring (<10m) is possible only with difficulty or if the location of the playback device (notebook) in the room changes - e.g. in a multi-purpose room. In addition to a simplified installation, content can be shared more easily via smartphones or tablets. A popular system for the wireless transmission of multimedia content from a laptop or smartphone/tablet is ClickShare. For this purpose, only a transmitter (ClickShare button) must be plugged into the USB port of the notebook. This button will now build a connection to the base station in the background and after approximately 5 seconds, the presentation can be started - without the hassle of searching for different ports or adapters. By pressing a button, up to 4 people can present content alternatingly or simultaneously. This makes meetings with multiple participants particularly efficient and dynamic. A disadvantage, however, is that high-definition video content can not be transmitted in full quality.
video conference
Foto einer Cisco Videokonferenzanlage
When using videoconference equipment, real meetings are simulated almost realistically by remote transmission. When integrating a VC system, some spatial and technical parameters have to be considered. The table/room should be constructed in such a manner that all participants are visible through the camera. The camera should be installed near the displaying device (screen/display), approximately at eye level. This makes tilt movements of the camera unessecary and facilitates the operation. For optimum audio reproduction, loudspeakers at the front, for example soundbars, are ideal. If the room is deeper, additional ceiling speakers are an advantage. In addition to the transmission of audio and video content, content from the connected notebook (Power Point presentations, etc.) can be displayed to the interlocutor.
The following graphics illustrate schematic structures of media technology equipment in conference rooms. We are happy to create an individual concept for you, from simple installations to complex networking systems.
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    Networking of media technology in the large conference room

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    Networking media technology with videoconferencing

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    Networking training room

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    Networking between different meeting rooms


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