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    Technical equipment of conference rooms

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    Media technology installations

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    Solutions for Smart Home & Security

We are an innovative company specializing in high-quality media technology and smart home solutions in the Munich area. Since 2009, our spectrum includes all steps from conceptualising, planning, installing, to service, in order for you to receive a comprehensive solution from one provider.

Conference Room Technology

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Equipment of conference and meeting rooms
  • Projector / display installations
  • Video conference systems
  • AV technology & signal transmission

Media Technology

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Individual media technology solutions

  • Complex media control
  • Networking of multimedia and building

Smart Home & Security

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Modern technology for a safe and smart home
  • Smart home
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Home cinema
  • Internet of Things
We work in a solution-oriented and manufacturer-independent manner, which means that we will find the most suited hardware and software products for your project and combine them with our service as one solution package.
Following is an excerpt from popular media technology products as a guideline example. We are happy to design an individual approach to your concerns. Within a radius of 100 km around Munich we personally take care of the installation and commissioning. If you come as a customer outside, we can assist you with simpler solutions such as ClickShare with configuration and service remotely happy.
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    VC investments

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    media control

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    Display & TV

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One of our core competencies is the development of concepts at the interface between IT and building technology. In a first meeting, general conditions and wishes are discussed:
  • Which media technology (projector/screen) suits the premises?
  • Do you use video conference equipment?
  • Do you need an audio or microphone system?
  • Which interfaces to other disciplines (IT/architect/facility) are there?
Next, we plan an overall concept of high-quality hardware products and matching software products in combination with our service line.
The creation of a media technology concept is free for commercial customers!
We share our experience of over 7 years in system integration of media and smart home technology with you:
  • Which media technology solutions are suitable for certain scenarios.
  • Which cabling for multimedia applications in office buildings is sustainable.
  • Which keypads are user-friendly and reliable.
  • Which wiring is suitable for a smart home
  • Which innovations the smart home market has to offer
  • Which customer needs are particularly important
The most important step in the realization of construction projects, which include the expertise of several trades, is setting up a detailed plan with precise performance limitations. Therefore, we act as a central point of contact for the planning and coordination of your media technology and smart home projects.
  • Coordination of trade-specific services with on-site meeting
  • Mechanical planning: positioning of projectors and displays (distance from the screen, ideal size of the canvas, height of the monitor bracket etc.)
  • Schematic planning: Electronic interconnection and integration of the hardware components
After the implementation of the project, the planning documents constitute the basis for the documentation. This is particularly important for the maintenance and servicing of the equipment.
At the date fixed, our technicians install the requested components (projectors, displays, touch panels, video confere systems, etc.) and network them according to plan.

To keep the time on site to a minimum, we prepare the equipment and software in our offices beforehand - so the installation is as efficient as possible.

After installation is complete, the system is put into operation and tested by the project manager. Afterwards, there is a briefing and the handover.
If several devices are assembled into a complete system, a central media control, which we can program individually, is essential. This way, certain functions and scenarios can be applied particularly easily. For example, one touch on a panel is enough to start the scenario video conference: Here, the video equipment (projector/display) is booted  in the background and switched  to the respective input. The audio system reaches a certain volume and the video conference system pans the camera towards the conference table. In addition, we create the touchpanel interface in your corporate design, taking into account a maximum of user experience.
In order to keep your existing working reliably and for the longest time possible, we offer servicing and maintenance - even if you haven't purchased the system from us. Our service includes:
  • Expansion of existing systems
  • Replacement of broken equipment and wear parts
  • Maintenance of systems
  • Change of configurations
  • Software and firmware updates
Even after the handover of the equipment, we will not let you down. Via phone or remote maintenance we take care of malfunctions, updates, or changes.

Excerpt of our business customers:

  • Medientechnik Referenz Marriott München

    Media Technology Reference Marriott Munich

  • Medientechnik Referenz SBK München

    Media art installation Munich

  • Medientechnik Installation Autobahndirektion München

    Media Technology Reference Autobahndirektion

  • Medientechnik Referenz Precote

    Media Technology Reference Precote

  • Medientechnik Referenz Staatsregierung Bayern

    Media Technology Reference government Bayern

  • Medientechnik Referenz Ismaning

    Smart Home Munich Reference

  • Medientechnik Referenz Jaguar Landrover Salzburg

    Media Technology Reference Jaguar Land Rover

  • Medientechnik Adesso AG München

    Media Technology Reference Adesso

  • Medientechnik Installation bei Ohnhäuser

    Media art installation Ohnhäuser

  • Smarthome Installation

    Media Technology Reference Q2Factory

  • Medientechnik Referenz THW

    Media Technology Reference THW

  • Medientechnik Referenz Singhammer

    Media Technology Reference Singhammer

  • Medientechnik Referenz Gleason-Hurth

    Media Technology Reference Gleason-Hurth

  • Medientechnik Referenz NH-Hotels

    Media Technology Reference NH Hotels

  • Medientechnik Referenz TU München

    Media Technology Reference TU München


Medientechnik News

by Andreas Kiessling 13 Oct, 2017

Nach etwa 10 Monaten gibt es wieder ein Update für das Barco Clickshare-System CSC-1. Das Firmware-Update beinhaltet neben kleinen Verbesserungen von Bugs und im Bereich Sicherheit eine Neuerung für die Darstellung, bzw. das Teilen von Inhalten im Modus Erweiterter Bildschirm. Mit der Funktion können Nutzer (ab Betriebssystem 7) einen virtuellen Bildschirm über Clickshare übertragen. Nachdem dies bisher nur für die Systeme CS-100 und CSE-200 möglich war, zieht nun auch das CSC-1 nach. Weiter ist die aktualisierte Firmware mit dem Clickshare Extension Pack kompatibel.

Wir empfehlen das Update durchzuführen, um eventuellen Sicherheitsrisiken vorzubeugen; dieses steht auf der Barco Website als kostenloser Download zur Verfügung: http://www.barco.com/de/support/software/R33050020?majorVersion=01&minorVersion=10&patchVers...

by Andreas Kiessling 01 Sep, 2017

Es gibt eine Vielzahl an vernetzten Produkten, den Überblick zu behalten ist schwer. Dazu kommt, dass jedes Internet of Things Produkt unterschiedliche Kompatibilitäten aufweist. Die online Plattform devicebase.net bietet nutzergenerierte Informationen zu diesen Themen. Des Weiteren können Produkthersteller über Updates, Fehler und Funktionen seiner Geräte informieren. Somit werden Kunden die das Produkt im Einsatz haben über News, z.B. wichtige Updates, informiert und können das Gerät dadurch besser nutzen.

Wir unterstützen devicebase indem wir im Form über Medientechnik Produkte wie z.B. ClickShare diskutieren und Nutzerfragen beantworten.

Wir empfehlen unseren ClickShare Kunden sich dort anzumelden und ihre Produkte als „hab ich“ zu markieren. Somit bleiben Sie über wichtige Updates informiert.

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