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Smart Home & Security

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Modern technology for a safe and smart home
  • Smart Home Solutions
  • Video surveillance systems for private and commercial
  • Home theater
  • Multiroom audio and video
  • Home IT (network technology, Wi-Fi, etc.)
Our smart home solutions enable you to regulate complex processes in a simple manner. Without effort, light scenes or blinds can be adjusted, and home cinema systems started - to name only some possibilities.  The technology is designed to make your life simpler and not more complicated. By using touch interfaces, for example via iPad® or iPhone®, you have control, whether locally or remotely. Thus, operating your system becomes comfortable, efficient, and even fun.
Smart home means an intelligent home automation system which is designed to simplify your everyday life and make your home safe. There are many applications, from the automation of technical systems (light, blinds, heating, audio, etc.) to the automation of daily routines (time-dependent lighting, heating with presence detection, etc.) - just as there is a variety of smart products. Many of them are not compatible with each other and some immature products cause their owner more trouble than joy. For convincing solutions, whether new or retrofit, you need the right selection of products and for fully integrated systems an individual smart home plan.
Mobile control
Mobile Smart Home Steuerung
Mobile control of the building services on tablet or smartphone.
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In order to network different systems (e.g. multimedia, housing technology), there is a vast number of products and technologies. Depending on your needs and wishes, we will find a suited solution.
home theater
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We are happy to assist you in a home cinema project. With our partners of the home entertainment industry, we have a wide range of devices and are happy to find the best product for you - also for a smart home integration.
video surveillance
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Advanced security systems which engage with each other and ensure highest safety standards are installed in order to protect your business or private home - for instance video surveillance systems with an installation of multiple cameras. The devices start recording as soon as their are activated via motion detection. In most cases, they are also suited for 360° detection. They provide around-the-clock monitoring and are in demand especially in the businnes sector. The recorded data is stored and can be played back without any problems.It is possible to set the devices in such a manner that the data is automatically deleted after a certain time.

Fi throughout
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Fast Wi-Fi throughout the house
Multiroom Audio & Video
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With Sonos Multiroom Audio different titles can be played in different rooms, or the same title every room simultaneously. There is also the possibility to create a 5.1 surround sound system for home cinema.

planning examples

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Smart Home

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Smart Home

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We offer systems for new installations as well as retrofit solutions for existing buildings. Our minimum order volume for a smart home system is € 10,000. Please notice that we can only offer designs and consulting services for selected projects due to the high number of requests and the current availability status. For simple smart home systems and Internet of Things products, we recommend
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