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Wireless Presentation System
ClickShare allows a single click, to transfer the contents of their laptop or their mobile devices on the presentation screen. Up to 4 people can simultaneously work on a maximum of 2 screens and share media. The smooth Cooperate of the meeting participants is simple and immediate, it is not a necessary intervention in the corporate network. This ClickShare is ideal for conferences, whether internal or external staff. Without configuration, in only 3 steps reliable media present. Laptobs can be connected via the ClickShare button. download the ClickShare app for mobile devices and use. Apple AirPlay is also supported natively.

Compare and find the right ClickShare system:

Barco Clickshare CSE-800
Max 25/30 dBA noise
Max 8 sources
Max 64 connections
Base + 4xButton + Tray
€ 5,950
Info CSE-800
Foto von ClickShare CS-100
Max 1 connection
No Airplay
Base + 1xButton
€ 999  
Info CS-100
Foto von ClickShare CSE-200
Max 16 connections
Base + 2xButton
€ 1,750
Info CSE-200
Foto von ClickShare CSC-1
1920x1200 (DVI)
4KUHD 3840x2160 (DP)
  Max 28dBA noise
Max 64 connections
Base + 4xButton + Tray
€ 3,850
Info CSC-1
Our ClickShare Service:

If you are not in our range, we will still ship the ClickShare system to you and support you in setting up the device via remote support. The systems are shipped with the latest software and in a design according to your corporate identity.


ClickShare systems are ideal for small, medium, and large conference rooms. As its operation is rather simple, it is possible for virtually anyone in a conference room to use the system. As a preparation of the conference room is omitted, valuable time can be saved. Media can be presented on one or two screens/projection surfaces. In addition to the hardware, you can order a stylish tray that positions the buttons and makes them accessible in a functional manner. The tray is already included in the scope of delivery for the products CSC-1 and CSE-800.

Excerpt of our business customers:

  • Medientechnik Referenz Marriott

    Media Technology Reference Marriott

  • Medientechnik Referenz SBK

    Media Technology Reference SBK

  • Medientechnik Referenz Autobahndirektion

    Media Technology Reference Autobahndirektion

  • Medientechnik Referenz Precote

    Media Technology Reference Precote

  • Medientechnik Referenz Staatsregierung Bayern

    Media Technology Reference government Bayern

  • Medientechnik Referenz Ismaning

    Media Technology Reference Ismaning

  • Medientechnik Referenz Jaguar Landrover

    Media Technology Reference Jaguar Land Rover

  • Medientechnik Referenz Adesso AG

    Media Technology Reference Adesso

  • Medientechnik Referenz Ohnhäuser

    Media Technology Reference Ohnhäuser

  • Medientechnik Referenz Q2Factory

    Media Technology Reference Q2Factory

  • Medientechnik Referenz THW

    Media Technology Reference THW

  • Medientechnik Referenz Singhammer

    Media Technology Reference Singhammer

  • Medientechnik Referenz Gleason-Hurth

    Media Technology Reference Gleason-Hurth

  • Medientechnik Referenz NH-Hotels

    Media Technology Reference NH Hotels

  • Medientechnik Referenz TU München

    Media Technology Reference TU München

What's ClickShare?
In ClickShare is a wireless system for presentations. This system is ready in a few minutes and easy to use. This system has many advantages:The highly reliable solution avoids black screens or delays in the presentation. Also defective resolutions and misrepresentations can be avoided, because the system is independent of aspect ratios, scaling and graphics ports.The intuitive operation for presenters facilitating new developments in presentations and Meetings.Mehrere Participants can click into the presentation. Thus, up to 64 connections, depending on the system, possible. The system is compatible with Windows, Mac Book and mobile devices (iOS, Android) and saves ultimately cabling and connectors.

FAQ Summary:

Do I need ClickShare own PC or an extra connection?
No. The Click Share button is connected to the USB port on your laptop or PC. You do not need an extra device yet own connections.

Can ClickShare be customized?
Yes! This is possible through the web interface of ClickShare. Access to this is possible via WLAN or LAN cable. Here you can also set a custom wallpaper or a personalized welcome message.

Is there to ClickShare updates? Are these free?
Twice "yes"! Approximately once a quarter an update is made ​​available. To remain technically always up to date. The updates are available on the web interface.

How will the resolution adapted?
In ClickShare CSC this adjustment is automatic. In ClickShare CSM this is manually necessary with few handles easily and quickly.

If performing multiple ClickShare systems simultaneously (eg in multiple rooms) possible?
Yes! Only has to be noted that the systems are then adjusted to different frequencies. The power generated is in any case independent of the corporate network, an independent wireless network.

I want to use as wallpaper my company logo. Is the?
Yes! This can easily be set in the web interface. Note only note that the graphics may not be larger than 500kb.

Can the radio antennas of the base station to be extended? How far?
An extension is possible. Given only supplied antennas should be used. The range can thus be up to 25 meters.

Can ClickShare also be distributed on two displays or projectors?
Yes. Such a representation is possible.

How much does the ClickShare app for iOS / Android?
Nothing at all! The app is in Apple Store or Google Play Store available for free and can then be easily started.

If the audio signal other devices or cables required?
No! The buttons also transmitted as audio signal wirelessly. About your laptop you can

If video signals are transmitted in full quality:
Unfortunately, no! One of the few disadvantages of ClickShare is that videos are transmitted with maximum 16fps. Thus, it can result in slight judder. In PowerPoint presentations or presentations of lists, Grafikten but this is not a problem!

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